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Today our pre-preschoolers have been busy getting creative and having fun!

The 3-5 year olds spent time outside in the garden today, where they practiced their hand eye co-ordination skills using the cup and balls, taking turns to try and catch the ball in their cup! The children also built a ‘tree house den’ in the climbing frame, cooking up mud pies and acting out a role play camping scenario!

The letter of the week is “C”, which the children practiced pronouncing through song and dance with Jolly Phonics, learning the difference between ‘Curly C’ and ‘Kicking K’! The letter C was reflected in Show and Tell with objects and toys such as a Cow and a Crocodile hand puppet shown during circle time.

In keeping with literacy, the children used the whiteboard and pens to practice drawing letters and putting them together to make words, as well as drawing lines to create shapes and marks. They also explored the alphabet lotto game, linking letters to words with the aid of pictures!

For expressive arts and design activities, the children applied vibrant coloured paint over stencils using both sponges and brushes, and peeling away the stencils to reveal beautiful shapes and patterns! The preschoolers also made a rock band using the musical instruments, such as the guitar, drums and maracas, and had a big dance party to some Christmas music!

For more quiet activities, there was sand play, puzzles, and story time in the book corner.

What a busy day!