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Government Funding

About Government funding for your child at our Nurseries.

  • Each child becomes eligible to receive Government Funded Nursery Education from the term after their third birthday and upon completion of the relevant application forms, which will be issued to families nearing the child’s birthday.
  • Each eligible child (both parents working and earning less than £100k p/a) attending a childcare setting registered to deliver the nursery education, is entitled to receive up to 30 hours per week that are funded by the government, for 38 weeks of the year; starting with the term after their third birthday (subject to dates set by the Local Authority)

  • For parents that both earn over £100k p/a, or only one parent is working, the funding will remain at 15 hours per week
  • At present, children must attend a minimum of 10 hours per week

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  • Free entitlement may be split across registered providers

  • The free entitlement portion will be shown as zero cost on the monthly invoice and the total number of hours of free entitlement provided that month

  • When funding commences, the nursery charges £1.50 per funded hour for the cost of meals and activities. Parents may opt out of this cost by providing for all of their child’s nutritional needs throughout their time at nursery, without the need for any catering tasks to be carried out by our staff

  • Non free entitlement sessions will be charged at the standard rate

  • Local RBWM and DFE policies, procedures and guidelines will be followed and the relevant forms completed accordingly