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Today the Winnie children have been outside soaking up the sun for the majority of their day! In the garden there’s been sand and water play, the dolls and buggies have had an outing, and the children have been seeing how far they can roll the giant car tyres!

Inside, the children have been getting crafty with the start  of their Fathers Day Activities, learning to use origami to create ‘suit and tie’ cards for their daddys, which they are planning to decorate!

The children were singing some nursery rhymes during circle time and acting out the different moves, and have also been well under way with their show and tell for this week. The letter of the week is ‘L’, and the children have bought in all sorts of objects, from real and pretend lemons, a Lion, and a Legoland Lanyard!

For free play, the children have been completing giant floor puzzles, exploring the dolls house and equipment, reading stories in the book corner, and racing the cars and trucks.


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