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The Roo children made the most of this beautiful weather this morning by having some fun in the garden! The children had lots of different free play activities set up in the garden that weren’t only enjoyable but helped to cool them down in the heat! They had the water table out which they could pour out of jugs and through funnel towers that they made, they also used paintbrushes with the water to ‘paint the fence’ and to write different letters onto the wall and sound them out, practicing their phonics. Also in the garden, the children had heaps of fun playing in the paddling pool and having a little water fight with all of their friends and teachers!

Inside, the builder and construction role play box was out, which the children used to dress up as tradesmen and ‘work on site’, fixing bolts and hammering materials together to create different structures.

During circle time, Krisztina taught the children the ‘Ice cream days of the week song’, which sounds very catchy! And for free play they’ve been enjoying the puzzles, reading some stories, and working as a team to build a train out of cardboard boxes!



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