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Daily Blog

Today’s been a fun one in the Roo room!

The children have had lots of different free play activities to choose from throughout the day, such as spelling words with the magnetic alphabet letters, building a giant train track with the wooden set and testing out the trains on it, and exploring all of the animal toys, pretending to be explorers in the jungle!

For an arts and crafts activity the Roo’s swapped their paintbrushes for cars as a material to paint with – looking at the different textures and patterns that the wheels of each car would make with the paint.

For music and movement, the children have been singing and dancing along to their Hartbeeps CD, and singing along to the Jolly Phonics action book and CD, practicing sounding their letters for their speech and language development!

During circle time the children read the Handa’s Surprise story sack, reading along and acting out the different scenes for a role play activity.

For physical play, the children have had a big run around in the garden and raced their trucks and cars with their friends, and also had a visit to the active play area where they had the chance to jump like kangaroos on the bouncy castle, and roll around in the ball pit!


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