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Today the Winnie room have been getting into the seasonal spirit with lots of different activities and crafts!

Linking to the theme of Autumn was today’s sensory activity, in which the children explored twigs and dried leaves in the building tray,investigating the different textures and colours, as well as mixing in the pretend bugs and having to hunt them out with the tweezers, which meant lots of concentration!

To improve the children’s IT skills they took turns creating artwork on the laptops using the Paint programme, which links to the EYFS specific area of knowledge and understand of the world. This also worked towards developing their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

Continuing with Expressive arts and design activities, the children made hand print paintings of creatures, such as scary spiders (for Halloween), creepy caterpillars, and pretty butterflies!

As a role play activity, the children used their imagination with a gigantic cardboard box to create a ‘rocket ship’ in which they could climb into as astronauts and fly off into space!

For their physical development the preschoolers have spent lots of time outside! This morning they spent time in the garden playing with the bikes and tricycles, and this afternoon went on a lovely autumnal walk to the local park, where they ran around, balanced on the balancing beams, looked for ‘trolls’ in the bushes, and collected leaves, conkers, flowers, sticks and feathers all for use in future activities!


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