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The change of season is inspiring many new ideas for activities that children in all areas can enjoy! This has meant a very creative day for the Roo room!

For expressive arts and design acitivites, the children have been creating different artworks that resemble foods linking to the Harvest Festival!                                                            The 2-3 year olds created paper grapes using bubble wrap printing for the grapes, and painted hand prints to create the leaves. They also created collage apples sticking and gluing different textured fabrics to brown paper, as well as making ‘pumpkin lanters’ to tie in with the upcoming Halloween!

The crafts was also continued from yesterday creating fireworks to celebrate Diwali using the cardboard of a toilet roll, cutting lines and painting them to achieve a spiky firework shape!

The children have had visits to the garden where they had running races with their friends and teachers, went on a bug hunt, and used hide and seek to further their mathematical development practicing counting to ten to go and hunt for their friends!

In the room, the toddlers have had quiet time reading stories in the book corner, built towers with the giant duplo, and furthered their literacy development by singing and dancing along to the jolly phonics action cd!



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