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Today the children in our baby room have been having lots of fun!

For expressive arts and design activities, the children have been crafting some hand painted ‘poppies’ for the upcoming Remembrance Sunday which ties in to promote and support our EYFS British Values in the nursery. .

During circle time, the Piglet children sang action songs such as ‘roly-poly’ and ‘head, shoulders knees and toes’ with the aid of their teachers and some animal puppets who sang along and acted out the moves with them!

The Piglet room have had a trip to the garden where the activities have continued, such as using the jumbo chalks on the garden path to create shapes and marks, and exploring the new and improved sensory bottles with new festive sequins and sparkles in them. The children explored the sensory bottles outside to see the effect the sunshine had when reflecting off the sequins which had most of the babies in awe!

For free play, the children have enjoyed exploring different types of transport by building a track and moving the trains around it, collecting and dropping off the ‘LEGO passengers’, as well as racing the toy cars and parking them up in the garage!



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