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Government Funding

About Government funding for your child at our Nurseries

      • Each 3 and 4 year old child becomes eligible to receive Government Funded Nursery Education from the term after their third birthday, until they go to school
      • Universal entitlement for all is 15 hours for 38 weeks of the year
      • To check if you are eligible to receive 30 hours of government funded free care and education, please visit the www.childcarechoices.gov.uk well in advance of the term start date

      • Parent declaration forms must be fully completed and handed back into us with:-
        • an 11 digit eligibility code issued by the government to prove eligibility for 30 hours (if applicable)
        • and a copy of your child’s birth certificate must been given
      • We limit the number of childcare places available for 30 hours and term time only so please check
      • At present, we require that children must attend a minimum of two sessions (10 hours), per week
      • Free entitlement may be split across 2 registered providers
      • The free entitlement portion will be shown as zero cost on the monthly invoice and the total number of hours of free entitlement provided that month
      • When funding commences, the nursery charges £1.50 per funded hour for the cost of meals, which you may opt out of, by providing for all of their child’s nutritional needs throughout their time at nursery, of a similar standard and quality, without the need for any catering tasks to be carried out by our staff
      • Optional additional charges of £3 per week apply if your child attends either the Rugby or Drama class on a Wednesday and £6.50 for a book bag
      • Non free entitlement sessions will be charged at the standard rate (ie: outside of term time)
      • Local RBWM and DoE policies, procedures and guidelines will be followed and the relevant forms completed accordingly