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Keeping you informed


Communication with parents is vital to the success and well-being of your childs’ time at nursery and staff will take time each day to talk to you about events during the day. This helps to build on the relationship formed with your child’s key-carer during the settling-in process. Each day, parents of 0-3’s are given a daily observation sheet detailing the care, activities, food, nappy changes and sleep your child has had during the day. 3-5’s have a whiteboard in their room detailing the activities that have happened during the day. Parent’s are also given a short verbal handover at the end of the session / day.

Updates by Text

We regularly text or call if there are any concerns or quick snippets of information that need to be relayed to parents during the day.

Newsletters by email

We also send out monthly newsletters via email and our closed Facebook group

Parent Consultations

Annual parent consultations are carried out when your child transitions up into the next room, when they turn 2 and again at 3. It is a face to face meeting with your key carer and the deputy manager to review your child’s progress and development reports as well as to discuss changes that apply in the new room and anything else that is relevant to your child’s well-being and development.

Children who remain in our pre-school when they turn 4, will have a consultation in the autumn term of the year before they leave to go to school.

Our school leavers, all receive a comprehensive development report before they leave us and their whole Learning Journey file can be downloaded into a .pdf file for parents to keep and share with the new school/setting.

We seek parents evaluations at consultation times too.

Two Year Old Development Checks

As your child transitions between Piglet and Roo when they turn 2, we will prepare a development report for parents to share with their Health Visitor.

The Learning Journey

The Learning Journey file is a folder made up by the key carers, which starts with your child’s age and stage at the time of joining the nursery, using information supplied by the parents.

We gradually build up a comprehensive set of detailed observations that form the basis of 1-1 planning for your child focusing on their interests and developmental needs so that the children make progress and are working towards the Early Learning Goals.

This is recorded in the progress records that hold a series of annotated photographs showing your child’s development and enjoyment of activities, experiences and other people whilst at nursery.

Ofsted says

Staff are highly skilled in providing a rich environment full of opportunities and activities which children thoroughly enjoy and participate in. They ensure all of the activities and experiences cater for each child’s individual stage of development and needs. Staff have a very sound working knowledge of the early learning goals and ensure that these are fully covered. Staff make frequent observations that are used very effectively to assess children’s early progress and to identify their next steps. Each child has their own learning journey file which includes photos’ observations and items of their work. These are readily shared with parents.”