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Nappy Changing

We provide nappies, wipes, creams, indeed everything that your baby / toddler needs for nappy changes.

For safeguarding reasons, children are changed on open changing tables that are safe, secure and hygienic where the member of staff can be observed by others, whilst the child’s privacy is respected.

Kanga-changing-area-at-Little-Red-HenStaff always wear disposable aprons and gloves and put all soiled nappies and wipes into a nappy sack that is tied up and disposed of in the internal nappy bins before being taken to the wheelie bins outside in the yellow tiger bags for environmentally friendly disposal.

Children’s nappies are changed at least every 3 hours and of course, whenever they do a poo.

At least one full spare set of weather appropriate clothing is required to remain at nursery, clearly named, for times when your child’s clothes become heavily soiled either from a very dirty nappy, food, sickness or messy play activities