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Sleeps for babies can take place whenever the child requires a rest, but generally, we have a quiet time immediately after lunch for at least an hour when children can settle down to sleep in either a cot or a nest and recharge their batteries ready for the afternoon! We work in close partnership with parents to manage sleeptimes routines.

Our dedicated sleep room is a lovely separate area where our babies and young toddlers can rest and sleep away from the playful and stimulating nursery environment. This is a relaxing room which has soothing music playing whist the children sleep, and contains little Shanticots that have a cot suitable for babies on the top, and a small bed suitable for toddlers underneath.

They have mattresses that meet the British Standard and each child has a clean sheet on their bed every week that gets laundered after their last session at nursery. (www.shanticot.co.uk)

We ask parents and carers to bring in their child’s usual comforter/s for sleep time if they are dependent on one, to keep the routine the same as at home and help the children settle to sleep in their usual way.

Older children will sleep on fold out thick mattresses or nests with their sheet and blanket in a darkened room with a lullaby CD playing to help settle them off to sleep with their key-carer beside them.

Once asleep, the children are checked for breathing / movement every 15-20 minutes, which is documented on the sleep check sheet.

We have a baby monitor in the room, with a mobile receiver that moves around with us, so we can listen into the room from anywhere within the building.