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About the Roo Room

The age of the children in this area is 2 years – 3 years. This room cares for up to x20 children per room. The ratio in this area is 1 staff member to 4 children. We have a daily routine (below) which is a slightly more structured day at nursery than the Piglet room though still a day full of fun!

Daily Routine

8:00am-9:00 am
Arrivals/ Breakfast and Brushing teeth

9:00am-10:00 am
Creative/Messy Activity- Includes 1-1 Planned Activity (KC weekly planning)

Wash hands, snack time, welcome song

Outdoor Play

Nappy Changes

Wash hands and sit down for lunch (weather chart whilst waiting for lunch)

Clean up, nappy changes, afternoon sleeps

Changeover of toys (refer to weekly room plan)

Afternoon snack e.g breadstick/oatcake.

Jolly Phonics/ Music & Movement

Indoor play/ 1-1 Planned Activity (KC weekly planning)

Wash hands and sit down for tea (singing/story whilst waiting for tea)

Clean up, nappy changes

Free- play, home time

Rest time for Roo children

Rest time is in the Roo room, with space for children to rest on small mattresses. We provide the bedding here and wash it on a weekly basis at the nursery. Soothing music is played whilst the children sleep. Children that no longer have a day time sleep will do a quiet activity such as arts and crafts/ play dough/ puzzles.

Moving on from the Roo Room to the Winnie Room

Children will move up to the Winnie room once they have reached they age of 3 years.

Children should be:-

  • Fully toilet trained and able to manage their own toileting needs and hand-washing with supervision
  • Have good verbal communication and be able to join in with learning activities – understanding shapes, colours, numbers, letters and counting appropriate to their age and stage of development and be able to actively participate with the related written work with support and encouragement
  • Be able to sit at the table to do written and number work for short periods of time
  • Be able to put their shoes and coat on with little help
  • Be able to handle the equipment carefully and correctly with support and guidance (esp. electronic games, ICT resources, scissors and glue, etc)
  • Be able to recognise their written name
  • Be understanding more about rules and boundaries and how to function within a larger group
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