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Why choose us

The values of Little Red Hen Day Nurseries Ltd are based on strong caring, respectful, honest and fair principles where each child is given an equal opportunity to thrive, shine, develop, contribute, grow and feel loved and special. We nurture and educate happy little children who become well-rounded individuals and confident communicators who willingly participate in group activities, taking turns, listening and interacting positively with their peers and staff alike. They know their environments well and feel safe, knowing that they have a place and sense of belonging within the nursery.

Children are given a balanced lifestyle of plenty of healthy food and drinks, outdoor and indoor time and space, a clean, secure and comfortable place to sleep whenever they need to and quality activities and interactions that stimulate their desire to learn and explore.

Our staff are very carefully selected and aspire to be the best that they can be, offering a wide range of experiences and skills that they each employ in their daily work with our children, to enhance their experiences and provide many developmental opportunities which are documented to demonstrate a sound learning journey during your child’s time at our nurseries. All staff are encouraged to; and all endeavour to see the world from the child’s point of view; therefore being able to know what each child needs; and respond to those needs in a timely manner.

Our team are well qualified and experienced nursery practitioners, who continue with their professional development at Little Red Hen; ensuring that they are up-to-date with relevant legislation, practical and theoretical training so that standards, knowledge and skill sets are implemented and maintained around the nurseries.

Little Red Hen Day Nurseries Ltd is a family run business created by Beverley Holt, owner and mother of two; who grew the business by applying her strong administration skills and parenting values into a humble but very high quality child minding operation; which became very successful and much sought after within the local community.

The child minding business evolved into the Florence
Avenue nursery in September 2007, which soon required larger premises as demand for places continually increased; and so the Grove park nursery was founded in September 2009. Since then, our registered number of childcare places has increased from 30 to 52, as additional space has been taken on and word of mouth recommendations continue to encourage new families to join us.

I am always looking for continual improvement to the children’s welfare and enjoyment; as well as our practice, resources, experiences and outcomes around the nurseries and business

Ofsted say:
• Children are happy and settled in the setting. They eagerly take part in activities and experiences that promote all areas of their development. Staff work well together and form excellent partnerships with parents to support children’s well-being in the nursery. The owner/manager demonstrates a desire to provide high quality childcare and has effective systems in place to monitor and move the provision forward. This ensures positive outcomes for children are promoted.