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Settling In

Once carers have decided that Little Red Hen is the right nursery for their child, a deposit will be paid and contract pack issued and explained. Shortly afterwards, we will email you a settling-in schedule for a number of short sessions where carer and child come into the nursery over the course of 2 weeks, ensuring that we remain within our OFSTED registration conditions and ratios at all times. This gently and very gradually extends the time that the child is here and carer is absent so that, by the time the contracted care starts, both carer and child are happy with the arrangements and settled into the nursery.

Settling-in is very much a three way process, which gives staff the opportunity to get to know the child and carer very well, find out all about the child’s particular routine, likes and dislikes so that a bond can start forming and the child feels attached to a friendly caring person before carer goes back to work.

Each child will be offered 8 hours of free trial sessions, when carer is not in the room or on the premises and any additional hours taken over and above the free 8 hours will be charged at the usual hourly rate

We are required to have formalised written contracts, child record forms and parental permission forms which is explained at the same time as the deposit being paid; and returned, completed, at the first settling in session and we also request details on the child’s typical daily routine and their starting points to enable a seamless transition into nursery.

Should you change your mind and cancel a secured place, we will retain a £25 administration fee and refund you the balance of the deposit that was paid.

Ofsted says “Excellent settling in procedures are in place for example, parents can have as many visits as they require with their child to ensure the child is happy to be left. On the day of inspection a parent arrived with their child to look around and staff allowed them as much time as they required to look around and readily answered any questions they had”