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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

At Little Red Hen Day Nursery, our day is structured to ensure that the children benefit from well-planned stimulating activities that link into the Early Years Foundation Stage framework that came into effect in September 2008 and revised in September 2012. The principles of the EYFS encourage staff to observe and track each of their key children’s progress and development; helping them to plan future activities and experiences tailored to individual children’s interests and needs.

At present, there are 7 areas of learning as follows:-

  • Personal, Social and Emotional (PSE) PRIME AREA 3months-5years
  • Communication & Language (CL) PRIME AREA 3months-5years
  • Physical Development (PD) PRIME AREA 3months-5years
  • Understanding the World (UW) SPECIFIC AREA 2-5years
  • Literacy (L) SPECIFIC AREA 2-5years
  • Expressive Arts & Design (EAD) SPECIFIC AREA 2-5years
  • Mathematics (M) SPECIFIC AREA 2-5years

Our activities are planned, following an observation made on your child. The planning sheet links into the EYFS framework and we highlight the learning and development outcomes against the themes and commitments of the EYFS. We aim to make the learning experiences as much fun as possible so that the children enjoy what they are doing and remained engaged so learn through their play and social interactions.

Each child has a comprehensive and very detailed Learning Journey which is now an interactive development record and is accessed via ParentZone, This documents their time and progress at nursery; which parents may review at any time and will be emailed at the end of your child’s’ time with us at Little Red Hen. ParentZone instructions are emailed out to new parents when they have joined Little Red Hen.

One of our most recent Spring projects was through www.livingeggs.co.uk where we had a brood of 10 eggs, that each hatched into baby chicks. We nurtured, watched them grow and develop into strong chicks; keeping them at nursery for 2 weeks. The children were able to observe this wonderful process and experience and carry out many activities that all linked into the EYFS.

Parent’s Guide to the EYFS