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Educational Experiences


We also invite working members of the community into the nursery, such as paramedics, community police officers, to inform the children about their work. The children really enjoy these visits and get involved in looking at the visitor’s equipment and asking them questions.








The children also have lots of varied outdoor experiences, apart from daily play in our large and wonderfully well-equipped gardens, each with planting and digging areas and sensory toys.








At the nursery,  we have regular visits from musical groups, dance, theatrical and sports companies, which encourage the children to develop their physical and imaginative skills

Apart from the weekly planning of activities that take place inside the nursery, we go on regular walks and outings to the local parks, riverside, toy library, book library and soft play areas.

At the nursery, each room participates in a weekly cooking activity, which would be linked into any cultural events, or themes.


A lovely Spring project that we have is the Living Eggs programme where an incubator of unhatched eggs is delivered to nursery and stays for 2 weeks, so that the children can slowly observe the eggs hatching then care for and handle the baby chicks afterwards (www.livingeggs.co.uk).


We have regular walks and outings to the mobile library, Children’s Centre and local parks and open spaces, as well as the airfield!! One of our favourite places to visit locally is Waltham Place Organic Farm and gardens, where children learn about plants, nature, bio-dynamic farming and can see farm animals at close hand in a beautiful rural setting (www.walthamplace.com)

We participate is several fund-raising events throughout the year, one of which is the Toddle Waddle in aid of Barnardo’s.